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ungekürzte und nicht bearbeitete Berichte von Kiteforen :

Post subject: Wind-X Moonsonz 17m - LiquidForce Assault2 19m - REVIEW
PostPosted: Thu Apr 17, 2008 10:28 am

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First of all I would like to thanks Mike of Killerkiteboarding and Edmund of wind-x for selling me the kites and for the immense patience and support they gaves to me.

Yesterday my new Moonsonz 14m and 17m arriveds.

I couldn't resist to immediately go down to the beach to test them togheter with the LiquidForce Assault2 19m that so far was my very light wind machine.

Conditions of the spot during the review:
Wind: lulls of 6,3 knots (7,25mph) - gusts of 9 knots (10,35mph)
Water: about 80/120cm (31/47inches) of very disordered waves. Very annoyng.

Kites usesd:
LiquidForce Assault2 19m
Wind-X Monsoonz 08 17m

Custom carbon Fiber 146x49

No one for obvious reasons was in the water. Absolutely no one.
And sincerely I was not even sure if to pump the kites or not as the wind was so light and there were moderate and very disordered waves (thing that I HATE).
But ok I was so excited that I decided to pump them up and give them a try. At first on the sand and then in case inside the water.
After playng for 5 minutes with the Wind-x on the sea I took the decision to try inside the water.

Inside the water results:

Wind-X Monsoonz 17m: After 3/5 minutes undersatnding what was the best way to have the most of the power out of this kite I could go upwind and even more then upwind! I was simply amazed. Seems like this kite doesn't wants to me worked much. You have to work it 2 or 3 times while downwinding. Then you put it there in the right position without moving it and it starts pulling you STRONG. Then it's time to edge edge and edge more to go uuuuuuuup wind! I couldn't belive it. At the same time if you try to work it TOO MUCH seems like this kite lose power. Don't ask me why. That's what was happening. Maybe someone more expert then me could chime in and explain why. And I am referring to the wind speed mentioned above.

LF Assault2 19m: I have been using this kite for some time now. I was very impressed by the light wind capabilities of this kite. I could easily compete and maybe have 5% more of power then the Flysurfer Speed2 15m. but I never went out with so much light wind. But I had to try to compare!
Unfortunally there was no way to go upwind with this kite. I had to keep working it more and more hard to keep going downwind not even fast and to not fall down in the water...no way unfortuanlly...after about 10/15 minutes tryng and tryng more I had to land it...

Detailed review and comparison

KITES BAR and LINES: (Both bars are PULLEY BARS 2:1)

Wind-x Monsoonz: 7,5
LiquidForce Assault2: 9

Bar on the wind-x is easy and enough funtional but: 1) it's white that makes it very easy to get dirty and hard to be cleaned. It could make it looking old and bad after just a few sessions 2) emergency release have to be trimmed a bit to find the right position and be able to release it with not too much effort (and not too few). The way ti come from the factory requires a LOT of effort to be released. Not a big deal. Trimming it requires a few minutes. 3) Lines are not really the best quality. Maybe the worst quality lines I ever saw. Needs to be replaceds asap with q-powerline. 4) Pulleys on the bar are of the BEST quality.

Bar on the LiquidForce Assault 2 is very well done. Emergency release is the best I saw so far. Easy to release with the right effort. Best I ever saw. Lines are of very good quality. Pulleys are of average quality. Both bars have depower below the bar. Both kites have stopper ball.



Wind-x Monsoonz: 8,5
LiquidForce Assault2: 9

Both kites are made of a very good quality material or at least that's what I can feel with my hands.
Wind-x don't have the ONE PUMP feature that on such a big kite with 7 small bladders and one BIG one would have been REALLY appreciated! Both the kites are nicely done even if the SS kites remains the ones with most attenction to the details.



Wind-x Monsoonz: 9-
LiquidForce Assault2: 9

Both the kites are pretty stable. With the above mentioned wind the Wind-x had some problems at the very edge of the window. NEVER NEVER bring that kite at the real edge of the window while playng on the beach as it will not be able to turn back and it will fall down no matter what. Probably due to the super flat design. If you are playng on the beach with 6/7knots just make sure to turn it back a little bit before the edge of the window. Both kites had no problem remaining stable at the zenith. But while the LF after about 10/15 seconds started to fall down the Wind-x coudl remain there all the time. Like a floating baloon.
Both kites have total depower. But never totally release the bar of the wind-x with those marginal winds or the kite will fall down in no time. And no way to stop it falling down. It's a matter of 2 seconds. While with the LF assault2 if you totally release the bar the kite will fall down after a bit more of time and more gently.


with super light winds:

Wind-x Monsoonz: 10
LiquidForce Assault2: 8,5/9

Here is where the Monsoonz REALLY SHINE! I couldn't belive I could go upwind more and more with such marginal winds. I think I have the same power or even a bit more of the well known and very expansive Flysurfer Speed219m. But I will have to test it. I have some friends that have it.
It was incredible how easily I could go upwind with this kite. EVEN when the speed was not so much I could edge a lot. Seems like the kite remains in the middle of the window more then other kites. But I could be wrong. Fact is that with such marginal winds I could go upwind without working the kite other then 2 or 3 times at teh very beginning. Like I wrote before this kite seems to not benefit from working it other then to start. Then it's better to stick it in the right position up there and get pulled!
The LF Assutl2 could NOT pull me upwind with those light winds and barely downwind. With about 8,5/9 knots (without those 6knots lulls) the LF can pull me strong but even going fast in the water it requires much more effort to keep the edge and go upwind.



Wind-x Monsoonz: 9,5
LiquidForce Assault2: 9

Considering the size of the kite the Wind-x turns pretty quickly. But it really all depends on how much you pull the bar: pull it STRONG and it will turn on itself.
The LF 19m turns slightly slower.


KITES BAR PRESSURE (pulley bars)

Wind-x Monsoonz: 3
LiquidForce Assault2: 4

Here is where both kites really SUCKS huge camel balls big time.
The LF Assault2 have a very high pressure bar. And if you want to have your kite turn enough quickly you have to pull it hard every time you change direction.
The wind-x monsoonz 17m with pulley bar have the most insane high pressure bar! To make to turns quickly when changing direction you have to pull the bar strong. But belive me the best way to use this kite is with a friend: 3/5 minutes each one. And then change. I go to the gym, weight lifting, and play many other sports. But this bar can kill your arms in no time. And your tendons as well. Maybe the not pulley bar would be a better option. Not sure tho.


KITES JUMPING ABILITY - height and hand -

Wind-x Monsoonz: 8
LiquidForce Assault2: 7

Both the kites are not for BIG jumps but the wind-x 17m have an incredible hang time. With those marginal winds I could do some small jumps (like 1,5/2 meters jump) but the floating effect of the wind-x is INCREDIBLE. You remain in the air like with a paraglider.


WATER RELAUNCH with marginal winds

Wind-x Monsoonz: 9,5
LiquidForce Assault2: 10

The LF Assualt2 is the real first kite that I can say IT RELAUNCHES BY ITSELF! Kite falls downin the water? Just wait a few seconds for it to go back to the right poistion. SLIGHTLY and I say SLIGHTLY pull one back line and it will go up in the sky again. NO EFFORT AT ALL. Much much much much better then any other kite I have had or I have (OR rise 08, GK sonic, FS,) no kite can compare I bet!
The wind-x just needs to have one back line pulled for about 10 seconds. Nothing else needs to be done. It will slowly go back standing up and relaunch. And that was with some waves and super light wind!

So far it's all!
What I can say is that I am VERY VERY satisfied and happy of my new wind-x 17m kite!

Just one note to the wind-x guys: PLEASE MAKE IT ONE PUMP! PUMPING 17m of kite and 7 small bladders is a pain in the a**!!




Felix KF
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New post Posted Mon Dec 03, 2007 10:07 am      Post subject

This is a review based on the new style of Ultra flat light wind kites. I was fortunate enough to test two 14m kites back to back over 3 sessions so far. There were four of us (all friends and average kiters, not sponsored or working in the kite industry in any way) and this was the general consensus. They were the Wind X Monsoon and the Fluid Kites Torque.

LIGHT WIND KITES GENERAL: I have to say I’m amazed. This style of kite is not just a little tweak for hype/promotion purposes which we so often see, it is the real deal. These kites look so flat in the air it is ridiculous. That having been said, they are super stable, and are no more prone to Hindenburg’s, inversions etc than any other bow kite that I’ve seen. The low end on these things is far, and I mean far beyond any other LEI that I’ve used or seen. Basically, if there is enough wind to keep any similar sized kite in the air, the Ultra flats will give far more pull, upwind drive, pop than anything else. At times when no one else was even able to get going, I was planning and gaining upwind ground. What really surprised me (and I was very skeptical of such a long flat kite) is the fact that they relaunch super easy and for reasons I cannot explain, seem to be able to relaunch in lighter winds than the equivalent sized bow kite. They attracted a lot of attention on the beach as they look very different and we haven’t seen any in Sydney before (At least no one I know has). I’m not a great kiter, but in light winds, regardless of size, no one has been able to out perform me, regardless of rider weight or kite size thus far. In short, I’ve been looking for a kite that could give me some degree of fun in light winds and I’ve finally found it which means there aren’t often conditions I can’t have fun in anymore.

Bar Pressure: Both kites did exhibit more bar pressure than a 1:1 setup but lighter than any other 2:1 pulley system I have used before. Didn’t worry me at all but I’ve heard people complain about the bar pressure on Waroos (which is super light) so nothing amazes me.

Turning: about the same, maybe a tad quicker than a conventional 14m bow. These are not a double kite loop machine, but then again, what is at that size and in those winds? You don’t have to keep moving these kites to generate power like most so fast turning is even less of an issue.

Power: Easily more power than any Bow kite I’ve ever used. The biggest I’ve ever used is a 17m. The great difference however, all the pull is in an upwind direction as opposed to sideways pull I usually experience with a large kite in light winds. I imagine the direction of this pull has a lot to do with why they go upwind so well. Once you have the kite pulling, it’s a park and play sort of a deal.

Jump and Hang: Haven’t had these out in great jumping condition as yet, but in 15 knots (I’m 78kg), jumping and hang are super impressive. I think there is a ton of potential here and will let you know (and that’s from me who owns, flies and loves his Ozone Edges).

Linear Speed: More apparent on the Torque, but these things are so fast in a straight line compared to any other kite I’ve flown. Board speed across the water in a straight line is almost a little uncomfortable as none of us were used to Kiteboarding that fast. I imagine there is some huge potential here for speed trials, GPS racing etc (which admittedly I know nothing about)

Upwind: You’ll think I’m full of shit but while the majority of guys on 15’s, 16’s and 17’s on one particular day were having to do the walk back up wind, I was probably about 1km upwind and doing a down winder to get back. Any one who used the kite experienced the same thing.

Stability: I don’t know if this falls under the category of stability or not but I wanted a kite that worked really well in light winds so I could practice tricks (multiple rolls, blind and toe side tricks etc) on days that weren’t much good for anything else. These kites are a really stable solid platform (a bit like swinging a rope of a telegraph pole) to practice under without fear of pulling the kite down and landing on your arse (I hate that sagging/sinking feeling). For this they work like a charm. The kites sit in the air quite nicely overhead particularly considering the sort of horrible winds we’ve tried them out in so far. I’ve noticed no “overflying the window” problems with either kite thus far.


In terms of size and outline, when we laid these kites over each other, the profiles were almost identical. So far as quality, performance and refinement, it was a no-contest with the Torque the hands down winner. Im not sure of pricing for either kite yet but unless the Monsoons were less than half the price of the Torques, you wouldn’t even consider them (although I think the prices are very similar). Apologies to my mate Mike who shared his new Monsoon with us for the comparison… He still loves his new kite as it does all he wanted it to do but did agree with us about the Torque.

Performance: Turning speeds were very similar between both kites with the Torque feeling just that little bit smoother. We did notice that the bridles were different so that may have had something to do with it. In terms of straight line speed, whoever had the Torque was clearly faster in a straight line with a slight advantage in the pointing-up-wind department also. We swapped riders and kites a number of times and the Torque was the clear winner in the speed department. Where bottom end was concerned, clearly both kites were better than anything else we’d ever used but the Torque just seemed that bit faster to get going.

Canopy: The materials were very different between both kites. The cloth on the Monsoon looks identical to the cloth on the 06 Waroo (we had one down there). The cloth used for the Torque is the same material that Cabrinha use for their 08 kites (sort of softer feeling) which is meant to be really strong and long lasting. Only time will tell re the fabric longevity. The main difference between the two canopies (which I imagine accounts for the performance differences) were all the wrinkles and fluttering on the Monsoon. There was a constant flutter at the leech, particularly up from the wing tips which worsened when turning. The torque only seemed to flutter a little during really hard turns with the canopy appearing tight and wrinkle free most of the time. On the Monsoon, when flying, there were large, deep deformations in the luff where the canopy meets the leading edge, almost like the canopy didn’t line up with it properly. They were both very new kites so I don’t think wear or stretching would be a factor in this problem.

Construction: A clear difference between the two kites and probably the biggest standout. The Torque was first rate and in the same league as Cab, Ozone and SS etc. Stitching, fittings, re enforcement and line stuff etc all looked strong and well thought out. No disrespect to the Monsoon intended but it just didn’t stack up in this department (I won’t bash the kite but I think you get the idea) I must say, I much preferred the graphics/colors of the Monsoon which look really cool. The Torque we have is all white and I’ll be interested to see what color choices are available when I order one.

Apologies if I missed anything but I’ve spent too long already talking about kites when I should be working. Long story short, if you get a chance to fly an Ultra flat kite, do it…. You’ll get a big surprise. Its not hype, they do everything that is claimed in the light wind dept, a big step forward in my opinion as opposed to the usual tweaks, hype and pimping which I am so sick of hearing.

PS: If anyone in the Sydney area has a really big kite 18m+ or an awesome light wind kite (inflatable only), please feel free to get in touch with me as I’d love a chance to compare it with the Torque which I hope to order in the next couple of weeks.




Naish Helix vs Wind-X Monsoonz vs Cabrinha Contra

Posted Sun Sep 09, 2007 1:10 pm

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ad a good weekend last week though it was not really blowing that well (9-12 kts) and about an hour of 15-18kts... Thanks to Todd for letting me open up his new Helix 14M... I had the pleasure of testing 3 new 2008 kites, my own Cabrinha Contra 14M (2008), wind-x Monsoonz 14M ultra flat and Todd's Helix 14.... all the kites boast of light wind performance and i hope to find that out in my test... to clear things up, i do not represent any brands, just a rider with more than 2 years experience....

Kite: 14M Naish Helix, Cabrinha Contra & WiND-X Monsoonz
Wind: 9-12kts & peaked at 15-18kts
Tide: A little bit choppy
Me: 34yrs, 81Kilos
Riding about 2 years ++
Board: Naish Thorn 135
Personal kites owned: Switchblade, Rhino (sold), Monsoonz, Contra

I like the smell of new kites when you get them out of the box.... As for packaging, I think the Helix and the Contra rates higher than the Monsoonz but again, the price you pay is ofcourse different.... I am happy with the Naish's bag this time... alot better than the previous Torch bag that i had... easier to pack the kite....

Anyway, pumped the kites up... The Contra and the Helix comes with a one pump system, the monsoonz have individual one way valves..... enjoy pumping one-pump system but i dread replacing the leaking bladders in a one pump, especially the octopus.... so pros and cons on this.. it is individual preference.... Surprisingly i was expecting the Helix to misbehave due to its profile but it sat there..... the contra were sitting there as usual but the Monsoonz lay really flat as though the wind was blowing at about 20kts....

Build Quality

When it comes to build quality, all 3 kites are well built, stitching looks tough.... the thing i notice is that Cabrinha's LE is made of some thicker ripstop (which is slightly thinner than dacron) - not dacron..... but yet it takes the pressure of the LE quite well.... one thing i like about the Monsoonz is that the points where the bridles are attached to are made of a type of strap.... my previous cabrinha instead of having straps like the wind-x's, had just lines (probably spectra) and these attachment points tend to wear... the same goes for the Helix... so one point for the Monsoonz in that section.... so far, i dont think these 3 kites would have match the Slingshot's build quality...


All 3 kites depower well... The Helix did surprise me as I expected lesser depower but it was good (probably with the help of bridles?).... The Monsoonz reacted as fast as any bow, depowered like all its previous bow predecessors.... The Contra depowered well but i realised that the back bridle slacks a little, I am not sure if my self bridle modification was correct... (extended the pulley at abour 3-4cm).. one thing about the depower response on the helix, it's slightly slow compared to the contra and the monsoonz.... for the contra and the monsoonz, it was more like "on" or "off".... could it be the concave LE?

Bar Pressure

Tried the kites on the 1:1 setting (no pulleys)... You'd be surprise at these kites, very little bar pressure.... How do I rank them? 1. Monsoonz (no bar pressure at all, you have to try it), 2. The Helix, 3. Contra


I am not sure how to rate stability.... I benchmark stability with its ability to sit at the zenith.... at the moment, no kite can obtain Peter Lynn's Arc Stability... The arcs just park there in the zenith.... Helix does not sit that well on the zenith... it sits for awhile... it would be better if it could sit there longer... so it ranks no. 3... Monsoonz ranks at no. 2 and the Contra at number 1... but if the PLs were around, i'd say that they are number 1....


All 3 had better power to any of the other kites i've rode on.... but the Monsoonz have so much power compared to the contra and helix.... i belive the ultra flat profile is the secret behind its power... the helix and contra was about the same (maybe the contra had a slight advantage).... For Helix, I believe this might be the answer for non bow/sle manufacturers to match the bow's power per square meter... The Contra has a little more grunt compared to the other 2...

Low End

The Helix did surpise me on it lower end... the contra didnt surprise me, as usual, the previous contras had the same low end as this 2008.... The Monsoonz still has a better lower end compared to the other 2... when the wind was slow, all 3 kites could stay up in the air but i could point up wind more with the monsoonz.... as for light wind, the Monsoonz is still top....


Naish said that the Helix would launch easily, and it did... Relaunch was easy with the other 2 bows (as usual)... i only tested relaunch with the LE down... all 3 are had easy relaunch....


The helix flies like a typical C-kite.... the Monsoonz and the Contra is a bow... 2 different flying styles.... i prefer the bows, you just have to sheet in... i think those who fly the Helix will feel that the Helix is a big jump from the previous naish kites.... Hard to comment on the jumps as you have different ways to jump these kites....


I was using the same board all the time, all the 3 kites can go upwind, but the speed of the Monsoonz have given it a better edge... was able to point much higher than the helix and contra.... The contra has a grunt-ier feeling, slightly slower than the other 2 but i'm not sure if its suppose to fly that way - i'm not sure if i did the right bridle modification... sometimes, i have to work the kite.... with the monsoonz, i just had to park it and it simply cruises me up wind... the more you sheet in, the more power you get...

Reaction/turning speed

When it comes to turning speed, the Helix tops the other 2... it turns like a typical C-kite but i think the earlier c-kites turn way faster... coming at no. 2 is the monsoonz. The Monsoonz is quite fast for a high AR kite and might be faster compared to the other bows but Helix being a decendant from the C tend to turn slightly faster than the Monsoonz. Coming in at no. 3 is the contra.... the contra has a slightly spongy feeling compared to the monsoonz...


I believe that this 3 kites would be the kites to have for 2008.... all 3 are good kites... and if you are looking for a kite for 2008, you may consider these 2 kites.... if you are a C-kite user, the Helix might suit you, if you are going for the bow/sle, than the Monsoonz.... the contra??? probably not a one kite solution... i think the other cabs like switchblade, x-bow, omega would perform better than the contra in certain departments mentioned above (in higher winds ofcourse)... The Sigma and the Ultra Flat Design was newly introduced and some would have called it a hype (in some aspects, yes, it's marketing) but i believe that this 2 designs has alot to offer (some claims are true) and it may be the where kite design is heading towards to.....



WiND-X Monsoonz 10m V's Flysurfer Speed II 10 Test




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First off I must tell you that I was in for a **** day but at the time of pumping up a kite I did not know that…..What I knew at the time was I was going to ride the New WiND-X Monsoonz and Flysurfer Speed II …both 10 meters and test them back to back. Yeah Baby!!!!

Things went bad after a while. You know how it goes …some days you rip…some days you are ****…this was one of the latter. I felt as clumsy as a teenager going for his first grope…and just as excited as well . Both were strange kites …that didn’t help….so in that afternoon I managed to break a bridle, snap a fin and lose my good sunnies under a wave….However I did enjoy flying both kites.

The conditions were cross/onshore and the wind was averaging about 13 to 15 knots…sometimes down to 10 and up to about 17. Also the waves were up to head high on the sets and there was a strong sweep running the same way as the wind for the first 25 meters off the beach. Just your typical surf type conditions we get here.

I’m just an average rider…very average…but I love kiting. I’m not into freestyle, what I really get off on is trying to ride the biggest wave I can find on the day….love it..

My preferences in a kite are depower, upwind ability and wind range….this suits me for riding in the surf.

Ok to sum it up….a score out of 10 for each area I guess….


Speed II 10/10
Monsoonz 7/10

Anybody who has looked at a recent Flysurfer can see that these kites are made real nice…..the Monsoonz’s quality would be some where between a 06 and 07 sonic.

Value for money…

Speed II 9/10
Monsoonz 10/10

The speed II costs nearly $900 dollars more.

Power per dollar value….

Speed II 7/10
Monsoonz 10/10

You get more power for your dollar with the Monsoonz.


Speed II 7/10
Monsoonz 10/10

The Monsoonz depowers more than the Speed II.

Usable Wind Range….

Speed II 8/10
Monsoonz 10/10

Not sure on the ultimate top ends of there kites yet, however the Monsoonz depowers more so this may allow a higher top end….this is just a guess..

Low End Power….

Speed II 10/10
Monsoonz 10/10

Both these kites have about the same bottom end….amazing kites for low end power.

Turning Speed….

Speed II 7/10
Monsoonz 8/10

Pretty evenly matched….the Monsoonz is a tad quicker…both quicker than I expected.


Speed II 10/10
Monsoonz 10/10

Both are awesome considering the conditions….everyone else were doing down winders.


Not Tested….yet.


Speed II 9/10
Monsoonz 10/10

Both kites produce colossal amounts of lift. Stand on the beach and pull down the bar …up you go. The Monsoonz was my favourite here for sure…pull in the bar and up I went…ooohhh baby!!...it was love at first flight… I guess this why they go up wind so well.


Speed II 8/10
Monsoonz 8/10

Both very good…both will sit a zenith for a little while before they drift to the side and down to the ground. Both benit from resting against the stopper with some power left in the kite to help with stability. The Speed II does suffer from collapsing if there is a sudden change in wind direction…this is because it does not have any stiff structure…like an inflated leading edge. Saying that ..it is a awesome kite but not for a beginner. The Monsoonz is more beginner friendly.


Wind conditions were not idea, so I’d rather not comment yet….I was still getting used to the kites….they both had plenty of pop…they just had a different feel.

These kites are very evenly matched on everything performance wise….price not so….one you have to pump and the other you don’t.

I really like both these kites and your choice of purchase would depend on what you like….foil or LEI, but I don’t reckon you could not go wrong with either. The Speed II is quicker to set up and pack down obviously.

I really like both of these kites….which would I choose…mmmm.. tough one…I think the Monsoonz offers better bang for your buck….but the down side is you have to pump it up.




WiND-X Monsoonz 14m First Ride



Posted Sat Sep 08, 2007 11:11



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Spent some time on the 14m Monsoonz from WiND-X, so I thought I would provide a first ride review on the kite. This is by no means a comprehensive review, for I only spent about 40 minutes on the kite.

For the record I sell a few kites, weigh about 95kg, don’t wear undies, I’m quite ugly and I am an average rider. I didn’t get the chance to compare this kite to any others on the day. The last time I did that, a few people got upset and being the touchy feely fella I am…I don’t want to hurt the feelings of any of those delicate little flowers or challenge their manhood.

Conditions were pretty ordinary, 10 to 15 knots on the gust, and sometimes nothing. Had someone give me a launch because of the lack of launch area, trees and not flown the kite before. The board I was riding was a WiND-X 142 x 42cm X-koi ….more on the board later.

First off you notice this kite moves a lot slower than the 10, but is stable and easy to fly. I flew it on the 10’s bar with the pulley setup. The kite looks big in the sky and feels heavier, but the bar pressure is the same as the 10.

On the water this kite goes up wind…..and up and up. One dive and your off, then you park it at the side of the window pull in the bar and off you go. Its upwind ability is amazing. Keeping upwind becomes and after thought.

The kite does not thrive on speed as does for example a sonic and vapour. It has like a tractor type of pull….torquey type of feel…..if that makes sense? It allows you to plod along at a brisk walking pace and still be going up wind…I don’t think this kite will set any speed records but it will provide you with an upwinding machine.

I had trouble getting my jumps together because of the combination of unfamiliar kite and board, some were ok and some were embarrassing…so no comment on that yet.

I was a bit worried about the relaunch on such a big, flat, high aspect kite. I dropped it a couple of times and the relaunch was easy as…

Turning speed was respectable for the size, not like a c kite of course, but good enough.

Overall first impressions were good and I think that it will be my most used kite this season. I don’t think many people will need a bigger kite than this, with the right board I recon I could be kitting in 10 knots, but I will have to wait and see.

The X-koi board is made by a very popular manufacturer, and it’s quality is second to none. It has early planning and works well with the Monsoonz. I found it hard to get used to a first because it felt totally different to what I was used to, but now I’m more in tune with it. It’s a good board.
Cheers, Barrie



WiND-X Monsoonz Ultra Flat 2007 10.0


Normal Customer

Date: 2007-05-29
Times Used: No Comment
Range: 12 kn to 14 kn

Rider Profile

Weight (kg): 71-80
Ability: Advanced
Style: All
Preferred Water: Flat
Preferred Power: Good
Preferred Kite Size: 12.0
Most Used Kite Size: 14.0
Preferred Board Style: Twintip
Preferred Board Size: <110
Similar gear used: Naish Torch 14M Cabribna SB 12M Naish Thorn 137x41 Underground FLX 142x41

Good: The work on the sewing is good just like any kite you would find. Bridles look fine and smart. Quality pulleys (ronstans). The kite material looks tough. You dont have to put sand to hold your kite down when its blowing. Water launch in the surf. Easy for a high AR kite. Cant talk much about the turning yet, i wanna test it on stronger winds. Good power for a 10m, comparable to a 12m and maybe a 13 or 14.

Bad: maybe wind-x can add a single pump system? not complaining as the struts are already thin, just maybe i can pump even more faster? more colours? nothing much to say right now. would like to comment on the quality but only time will tell.

Review: Looks like I am the first to review this kite. I just got mine a couple of days ago. First impression was good, the bag looks simple but practical. I'll start talking about the kite. Brought it to the beach and the wind was blowing about 12-14kt. Inflated the kite, no one pump system but relatively quite fast due to the thin struts. The struts are very unique, they have this extra piece of material between the sail and the strut. Placed the kite on the sand and its super flat! No need to place my board on it. It just lay there. Connected the lines. I did not buy the bar. I use my old Cabrinha pulley bar on it. Board size 137 x 41 Naish Thorn. The kite was easy to launch and there's very very little bar pressure (seriously). I only felt pressure on the main lines and its prety powerful for a 10m. Almost equal to my 12/14m kites. I rode out and it took me quite nicely. Smooth turns, good power and i went up wind rather well. Not enough for me to jump yet but i hope to do it when the wind's good. The wind slowed down to 10kt, i was still riding but i need to work the kites a little more. My opinion, its value for money. Nothing much to complain yet. But i need a few more sessions to give a much more detailed report. Need to test it in higher wind and see how this kite will handle itself.



Ultra Flat Light Wind Kite


This is a progress report on the MONSOONZ, WiND-X's Ultra Flat Light Wind Kite (before this it was known as Project Thunderer in previous news/posts). This report does not go into full technical details. More information will be posted on the WiND-X website.

General Opinions

WiND-X demonstrated their collection of kites during the Malaysian Monsoon Madness in Balok Beach-Kuantan, Malaysia. The Monsoonz were tested by both experienced riders and beginners. The general comments by the experienced riders were good, to quote some of them; "No bar pressure…" Everyone was using 12m, 14m and some 16m but WiND-X pumped the Monsoonz 10M and it performed just as well. The wind was about 9-12 knots.

This kite was actually designed for more advanced riders but it was also tested by beginners. Surprisingly, the beginners seemed to love it as well as it was responding well to them; especially the water-relaunch. They were relaunching the kite faster than the experienced riders did with their Cs. At first, the beginners (who started learning on Cs) mentioned that they couldn't feel the kite due to the light bar pressure.

The 10M kite was tested on different wind conditions:

9 - 12 knots: Riders with the average weight from 65 to 72kgs were riding it well. 65kg riders were jumping but there was little hang time. 65kg riders were sometimes overpowered in the gusts. The 14M Monsoonz should fit riders above 80KGs well in this wind condition.

15 - 18 knots: Riders above 80kg were soaring! Including jumping waves. Riders weighing 65kgs were overpowered. A 7M would be just nice for them. There's a 90kg rider who never rode on a 10M before. This was his first time on a 10M kite. Obviously, it was not his right size for those wind conditions.

20 knots and above: The 7M would be the most recommended kite.

Everyone admitted that the kite's response was very sensitive.

Flying Characteristics

NEVER INVERTED. The kite maintained its structure well. It did not over-flatten. It stayed as flat. We will test it with the 14m to see if it has the overflattening effect. The kite was very sensitive to the control bar (without pulleys).

Another feature of the kite is: once it is depowered to the max, it stays stable in the air. Unlike most of the first generation bows, where it'll just fall behind the rider when totally depowered. This is one of the features that most riders (on the demo-day) like especially the beginners. This is the effect of the the new strut design. WiND-X is looking into implementing this construction method on all WiND-X future kites.

Water relaunch was simply amazing. It simply peels out of the water. The kite has also good speed.

The kite was tested on 2 bars. The preference was more towards the standard bar. There was more feel on the standard bar. Bar length was 53cm. It just swings the kite, it gave some feeling of a C and the kite was very predictable.

Aspect Ratio:
7M Monzoonz - 4.9
10M Monsoonz - 5.1
14M Monsoonz - 5.2


- faster to inflate
- smaller and lighter in your travel bag
- easier to handle on the beach
- develop less drag when on the kite leash
- faster
- ride upwind better
- turn faster
- shorter bar, easier when traveling
- maybe it will be possible to have a one kite quiver with 2 boards and 3 sets of lines (15, 24, 30m ?)

Front view:




This kite is the second generation bow and the 7M will match the current 9M or 10M bows that are in the market. The 10M will match 12M or 14M; and the 14M matching the 16M or 17M kites. The wind range is so much bigger than the first generation bows and C-kites with its depower system.

The fast turning speed and light bar pressure will give advanced riders more power and flexibility to go freestyle.

If you have any questions, please email edmund.cheong@wind-x.com. WiND-X is preparing the pricing for this new model and will update all of you soon. Updates will be posted on


Ultra Flat Light Wind Machine



Date: 070717
Title: Ultra Flat Light Wind Machine
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ried the Wind-X Monsoonz and here are my personal view:

Wind Condition: 10-12 knots (gusting 14 knots)
Water condition: small chops and small swells near the shore
Kite Size: 14m Monsoonz (Ultra Flat)
Board Size: 132 X 39 Wind-X Koi

Ratings (1=poor and 5=excellent)

1. Stability = 4.5, does not invert and consistent power especially on the front line

2. Upwind = 5, excellent on upwind compared to my 16m crossbow with the same condition, the kite flies much easier on the window.

3. Jumps = 3, not a lot of explosive power compared to the crossbow however the there's a lot of pressure on the front line to give me that reasonable pop i needed.

4. Turning = 4, although there's no (almost) bar pressure, the kite still turn responsively. It takes a while to get use to it

5. Relaunching = 4, similarly to the crossbow, piece of cake!!

The experience was amazing with this kite, it is a bow kite WITHOUT any pulleys and there is no (almost) bar pressure at all. I haven't tried it with pulleys but what the heck, its so efficient already so who cares with pulleys I know I don't care. I can practically kite with one finger on each side of the bar. The power of the kite is mainly driven by the front lines so the kite simply just wants to move forward so it was pretty fast on the reach and especially upwind.

So overall rating I would give it a scale of 4/5