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WiND-X is a company dedicated to promote our great hobby by manufacturing high quality products. With our motto, "inspired by simplicity"; WiND-X through Windnovation, the research and development arm of WiND-X, is geared to research the best materials to create one of the best products in the market.

Day by day, kite surfing equipments have become more technical. WiND-X's direction in this business is to simplify complicated matters. By saying this, we do not condemn the advancement of technology in kiteboarding equipments BUT we are saying that great flying and control characteristic of the kites can be achieve through simpler methods. You just need to sit and do some extra thinking. "Inspired by simplicity..." that is what WiND-X is all about.

Our principle is to make products that fit the riders' needs. We continue to develop high quality products which are reliable and necessary to this great sport. WiND-X is made up of people just like you. We share the same passion and we will deliver the best to you.



Profil WIND-X

monsoonz und cyclonez Übersicht




monsoonz der ULTRA FLAT Leichtwindkite
der neueste ultraflache Kite am Markt

- geringstes LowEnd am Markt
- enormer Grundzug ohne Querkräfte
- extremes Höhelaufen
- einfachster Relaunch
- bringt die Leistung eines um ca. 3m2 größeren Bow Kites
- Ultra flaches Design ... AR 5,3
- 7 Struts
- WiND-X Cross Active Bridle System (CABS)
- Bar mit 1:1 oder 1:2 Modus verwendbar

neu beim Modell 2008
- dünnere Struts für schnelleres Aufpumpen
- bessere Aerodynamik
- verbesserte Drehgeschwindigkkeit
- größerer Windbereich

Größen: 7, 10 und 14m2
Farben: rot, blau, grün, grau

Übersicht monsoonz.pdf



Video monsoonz




BOW Kite der dritten Generation

- Bow untypisch geringer Bardruck
- moderat Aspect Radio Design
- verbesserte Aerodynamik
- totale Depower
- einfachster Relaunch
- Bar Modus 1:2
- in 9, 12 und 16m2 verfügbar

Übersicht cyclonez.pdf











...cyclonez Flugtest ........___. ........cyclonez relaunch

Aufnahme 2007-01-14 Rindbach